Nature’s aroma

Rs.3,100 Rs.3,300

Why we made this bundle?

Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and allure with the Just Diva and Musky Forest Hair Mist duo. Just Diva Hair Mist fills the air with a tantalizing richness of creamy vanilla, accompanied by subtle hints of musk that create a seductive undertone. Experience the captivating allure and protection from environmental pollutants, while maintaining perfectly balanced moisture. In contrast, Musky Forest Hair Mist combines the essence of nature and luxury, enveloping your hair with a captivating blend of strong woody scents. Let yourself be transported to an enchanting realm where your hair is shielded from pollution and heat, all while exuding sophistication. Indulge in the irresistible charm of Just Diva and the captivating aura of Musky Forest for a truly luxurious hair experience. ❤️

How to use it:

Spray hair mist over your hair.

Flip your hair side by side to get all your hair evenly covered. 


Musky forest 

Biotin, keratin, Behentrimonium chloride, phenonip, Glycerin, propylene glycol, fragrance.

Just diva 

Biotin, keratin, Behentrimonium chloride, stabiliser phenonip, Glycerin, propylene glycol, vanilla fragrance, sodium chloride

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