Thicker & Fuller Hair BundlešŸŒ³

Rs.4,125 Rs.4,900

Why we made this bundle?Ā 

The combination of Signature Revitalizing Hair Oil ( All Natural) and Absolute Repair Hair Mask is perfect to increase your hair volume and make them look all thicker and fuller. Helps deliver essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and essential minerals to the follicle to restore its vital functions so that it can work in harmony with your scalp to keep your hair healthy, strong, and beautiful.

How to use it?

Massage Signature Revitalizing hair oil for about 3-4 minutes gently to the roots of your hair and then shampoo your hair.Ā 

After shampooing, apply the Absolute Repair hair mask for 3-5 minutes and rinse.Ā 


Signature RevitalizingĀ 

Amla, shikakai, hareer, behara, ratanjoot, nagar motha, ushna, balchar, Kashneez, nispaal, taiz paat, Karri pata, Mustard oil, Sesame oil, and coconut oil.

Absolute RepairĀ 

Behentrimonium chloride, Cetostearyl alcohol, Glyceryl monostearate, Mineral oil, Fragrance, Keratin, Phenonip, Water

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